Patient Information


Preparing for Surgery

Pre-Admission Phone Call and Nurse Assessment

You will receive a nurse phone call 5 -7 days prior to your scheduled procedure to gather information in advance. This is to make the day of your procedure less stressful. The nurse will ask health history questions and review the instructions for your upcoming surgery. Please have a current list of all your medications and dosages available for this phone call, as well as any over the counter medications, herbals or vitamins.


  • During the Pre-Admission phone call, the nurse will inform you of medications to take the morning of your surgery.
  • Patients taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen, Motrin, naproxen, etc.), herbals or weight loss medications should discontinue these products 7-10 days before surgery.
  • Patients taking aspirin upon doctor’s orders should consult their physician.
  • If you take Coumadin or other blood-thinning medications, you must ask your physician who prescribed the medications whether to stop taking or how to adjust the dosage around your surgery.
  • Patients discontinuing Coumadin before surgery upon physician orders will be required to have lab testing performed 24-48 hours before surgery.

Pre-Admission Tests

Your surgeon or anesthesiologist may want you to have lab work or tests performed before your surgery. Please complete all tests at least one week before your scheduled procedure so we have complete information on the day you arrive. Specific lab tests may need to be performed within one week or less of your surgery.

Surgical Arrival Time

One of our nurses will be contacting you 24-48 hours before your surgery to confirm your arrival time at Walker Surgical Center. Your provided arrival time will be approximately one hour before your procedure time to allow for registration and a nursing evaluation.

Advance Directive

If you have Advance Directives, it is best to share them with all health care providers and medical facilities. If you have such a document, please bring a copy with you the day of your surgery.

Day of Surgery

  • At Walker Surgical Center, given our concern for patient privacy, and to ensure compliance with HIPAA laws, we DO NOT PERMIT cameras, cellphones, or recording devices of any kind in patient care areas.
  • If you are receiving sedation or general anesthesia for your surgery, you will be required to have someone accompany you. They will need to check in with you and remain at the surgical center until you are discharged. This allows your surgeon to discuss the surgical outcome with your caregiver, give specific postoperative instructions and answer questions.
  • DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before surgery. (This includes water, food, gum, candy, antacids of any type, alcohol or tobacco products). Failure to follow these instructions could lead to cancellation or postponement of your surgery. Specific instructions will be given to you by the Walker Surgical Center staff during the Pre-Admission phone call if different than above.
  • Please bathe or shower using antibacterial soap the night before or the morning of your procedure to minimize the risk of infection. DO NOT apply deodorant, powders, lotions, perfumes, or oils (including essential oils).
  • Teeth may be brushed, but DO NOT swallow water.
  • Please leave all valuables at home (wallets, purses, money, ALL JEWELRY – including wedding bands, engagement rings and all body jewelry or piercings).
  • Please DO NOT wear make-up, eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes, or foundation the day of surgery.
  • Please remove finger or toenail polish before arriving to the facility.
  • If you wear contact lenses, glasses or dentures, you may be requested to remove them for surgery.
  • Please bring cases to safely store these articles.
  • Wear flat-soled shoes and loose comfortable clothing (appropriate to your surgical procedure) that may be easily removed and stored.
  • You may want to bring a pillow for your comfort during the ride home.
  • Unless they are a patient, please DO NOT bring children. Make necessary arrangements for them during your surgery and recovery time.

Additional Items to Bring

  • Current insurance card(s) and driver’s license.
  • If you have any food allergies/sensitivities, please bring snacks and/or drinks.
  • Socks or footies to keep your feet warm.
  • Copy of Advance Directives (if available).
  • Splints, cold therapy shoulder pack or boots if ordered for by your surgeon.
  • Inhaler(s) that you use.
  • Insulin and glucometer if diabetic.
  • Parents of children having surgery are encouraged to bring a blanket or favorite toy to comfort them the day of their procedure.
  • If your child does not drink from a cup, please bring a sippy cup or bottle.
  • We encourage all patients to bring a book or non-electronic form of entertainment. We have found this to be especially helpful for adolescents.

After Surgery

Following your procedure, the Walker Surgical Center nursing staff will review your discharge instructions with you and those who accompany you to the center. You will also receive a copy of these instructions to take home. You should take this opportunity to ask any questions regarding your post-discharge and recovery care.

For the public’s safety as well as your own, Walker Surgical Center requires you to have someone drive you home after surgery unless your surgeon or the nursing staff have informed you otherwise. Some procedures, anesthesia and medications may impair your ability to drive safely for a period of time following surgery. If you do not have a ride as instructed, your procedure will be canceled.

Avoid alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours after surgery or if you are taking prescription pain medication.

If you have received sedation or general anesthesia, rest at home for 12-24 hours and avoid strenuous activities (driving a motorized vehicle, operating machinery, participating in sports) or activities that require mental alertness and/or coordination. A responsible adult is to remain with you for 12-24 hours after you leave the center.


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